Time-lapse and Site Monitoring

Keep track of progress with our time-lapse and location monitoring service.

We look after every aspect of the service from installation, maintenance and creative production.

Our system is solar-powered and self-contained.  Services such as power or data cables are not needed. We provide a high-quality, cost-effective solution for time-lapse and site monitoring. With our online portal, you can make, viewed and download time-lapse films of your site from anywhere in the world.


If your location has no power, no problem, we use solar.


Our DSLR cameras shoot high quality resolutions of 4k and over. We have a selection of lenses to ensure every possible angle is covered.



We use environmentally friendly batteries and solar panels to power our cameras. We can also use mains power for indoor projects.


All of our cameras use 4G technology to stay connected, We can provide continuous access to all the images using the online portal.


We take care of the installation and on-going camera maintenance. Upon project completion we oversee a safe take down and film production.


Our cameras are fully weatherproof and work in the most extreme conditions. We are able to adapt our cameras for every situation.


Every camera comes with an online portal as standard. The portal can be used for progress monitoring as well as marketing and social media.